2017 Solo & Ensemble at Priceville HS Information

April 29, 2017, Solo & Ensemble
Priceville High School (NEW PRICEVILLE HS)
2650 North Bethel Road
Decatur, AL 35603

  • Warmup area in the auxiliary gym, noted on the map below.
  • Parking in the lot in front of the Music building, see map below.
  • Judge 1 – percussion only judge, judge 12 – piano in the room.
  • Music selection – festival genre of music (not pop music or band music), performed by the correct number of students (ex. quartet – 4 people, trio – 3 people, etc.).
  • Students should be in line at the assigned judge’s door 10 minutes before scheduled time. Students should be prepared to go early, if there are cancellations before the scheduled time.
  • Anyone standing in the hallway to the judges rooms, must remain quiet.
  • Parents are not allowed to enter the judge’s room or speak to the judges about their child’s performance.
  • Students should take the following into the judge’s room: instrument (no cases), music for performance, copy of music with the measures numbered to hand to the judge, and adjudication sheet to hand judge. Note Sheet Colors: White – brass and woodwind ensemble, Yellow– brass and woodwind solo, and Green – percussion solo and ensemble. Sheets should be completely filled out prior to entering the judge’s room. A photocopier will not be available at the site. Students should have copies of music when arriving for the event.
  • After performing, students should exit the room and leave the sheets handed to the judge. Write the name of the school on the copy of the music, if you want it returned to you.

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