2019 Festival Chair Audition Instructions

Chair auditions for Woodwinds, Brass and String Bass will take place on April 25, 2019 at the First Baptist Church of Huntsville. Chair placements for Percussion will take place at the Von Braun Center.

Student Instructions

Students should see their director for audition times. Each student should receive a lanyard containing a student ID number that must be worn for the audition. Students may warm-up in the Life Center or Fellowship Hall starting at 12:00 p.m.

The audition will not be a “blind audition.” Students will perform one of the prepared selections and a sight reading example for the audition. Students will not be required to perform scales. Percussion will perform etudes on all three instruments and sight reading on snare and mallet only. Middle school woodwind and brass players should have their Advanced Rubank Method Book in the audition room.

The following pages will show the chair audition results as soon as they are available.


Updates and information will be provided via twitter throughout the festival.

Driving Directions

First Baptist Church
600 Governors Drive
Huntsville, AL 35801

From Interstate 65 North, merge onto I-565 East toward Huntsville. Take exit 17B (Governors Drive). Continue on Governors Drive for approximately 2 miles. You will go underneath the Memorial Parkway overpass and see the church on your left.



  • When you arrive at the church, you can find parking along the east side of the church or in the rear parking lot off St. Clair Avenue.
  • All auditioning students will need to enter the building through the East Entrance (also known as Entrance #4), which is the entrance closest to the Huntsville Hospital side of the building.
  • First Baptist Church holds nursery and preschool classes daily. Parking in the very front of the church and the front entrance itself is reserved for parents of daycare students only.  We appreciate your assistance and cooperation with this matter.
  • There is a Registration table located inside the East Entrance where band directors may check-in and pick up their students’ name badges.
  • Students will have access to two Warm-Up areas:  Fellowship Hall (1st Floor) and Life Center. We encourage any students auditioning on the first floor to use the Life Center, and those auditioning on the second and third floors to use the Fellowship Hall to avoid overcrowding. Our volunteers will be happy to help you find the nearest warm-up location.
  • In accordance with ABA policy, we are asking that only students who are auditioning be in the hallways.  Parents and directors are welcome to wait in the Sanctuary Choir Room, Room 118 (located near the Fellowship Hall) or the Gathering Place (outside the Life Center) while their students are auditioning.

General Reminders

  • Please keep the noise level to a minimum outside audition rooms.
  • Stay in designated areas.
  • If unsure where to go, please find a volunteer in a blue First Baptist Church T-shirt. They will be more than happy to direct you to your audition room, warm-up area or restroom facilities.

Audition Room Assignments

First Baptist Church Huntsville – Woodwinds/Brass/String Bass

  • Room 304 – Piccolos (All)
  • Room 309 – Flutes (Red/White)
  • Room 312 – Flutes (Blue/MS)
  • Room 305 – Oboes/Bassoons (HS Unassigned)
  • Room 304 – Oboes/Bassoons (MS)
  • Room 324 – Eb Clarinets (HS Unassigned)
  • Room 242 – Bb Clarinets (Red)
  • Room 241 – Bb Clarinets (White)
  • Room 254 – Bb Clarinets (Blue)
  • Room 253 – Bb Clarinets (MS)
  • Room 304 – Contra-Clarinets (HS Unassigned)
  • Room 330 – Alto Saxophones (All)
  • Room 324 – Tenor/Baritone Saxophones (HS Unassigned)
  • Room 112 – Alto/Bass Clarinets (Red/White/Blue)
  • Room 112 – String Bass (HS Unassigned)
  • Room 327 – Alto/Bass/Contra Clarinets (MS)
  • Room 327 – Tenor/Baritone Saxophones (MS)
  • Room 327 – String Bass (MS)
  • Room 315 – Horns (Red/White)
  • Room 318 – Horns (Blue/MS)
  • Room 342 – Trumpets (Red/White)
  • Room 343 – Trumpets (Blue/MS)
  • Room 140 – Trombones (Red/White)
  • Room 141 – Trombones (Blue/MS)
  • Room 107 – Baritones/Tubas (MS)
  • Room 114 – Baritones (Red/White/Blue)
  • Room 111 – Tubas (Red/White/Blue)

Von Braun Center – Percussion Auditions

  • East Hall 1 – Percussion (Red Band)
  • East Hall 3 – Percussion (White Band)
  • North Hall 1 – Percussion (Blue Band)
  • North Hall 3 – Percussion (MS Band)


First Baptist 1st Floor
First Baptist 2nd Floor

First Baptist 3rd Floor
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