Solo & Ensemble Update

A message from our ABA President, Terry Ownby:

“With the closing of schools and the declaration from Dr. Mackey that all extracurricular activities are over, the board voted to officially cancel the solo and ensemble events for the remainder of the year. Our bylaws allow for Solo and Ensemble to occur anytime from October through May. Each district has been encouraged to offer two solo and ensemble events next school year for our students. This is something for each district to discuss and see what works best for your district. All registration money that has already been sent to the districts will be refunded.”

We are saddened to cancel these events for the remainder of the 2020 school year, but we are confident our ABA Board made the correct choice considering the safety of all involved.

District I will look to possibly include a Solo & Ensemble event this November, along with our regularly scheduled Solo & Ensemble events in the spring of 2021. More information will be made public as it presents itself. Thank you!

Patrick Dailey
District I Vice-Chaiman

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